Welcome to the ILequity.com - the civil rights reference and self-assessment tool for secondary schools in Illinois. This website is funded by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and is designed to provide information, direct links to legislation, and helpful resources related to civil rights.   The tools provided on this site are designed to assist your LEA in assessing its compliance with federal civil rights legislation and provide technical assistance to those LEAs preparing for an onsite civil rights review. 

The site contains two main menus: the top menu can be used to gain quick access to self-assessment and supplementary forms for the civil rights review process including a standards guide that provides legislative citations for each element reviewed by the civil rights review team; the side menu contains much more detailed information about civil rights reviews, the types of information that needs to be submitted, how to comply with legislative requirements, and examples of compliant civil rights processes. 

Please also note, the information on this website is provided as a service and does not constitute legal advice. We try to provide quality information, but we make no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in this publication. As legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case, and laws are constantly changing, nothing provided herein should be used as a substitute for the advice of competent counsel.